Friday, May 30, 2008

Your Weekly Mets Update: The "Nothing is Fucked Here Dude" Edition

We were going to title this installment of the RwR weekly Mets update the "I Waited All Winter For This Shit?!" edition, but then a funny thing happened: they won three in a row, which, unless we're mistaken, is somewhat of a streak. And fortunately for you Metropolitans fans, Rickey was in attendance at Shea during last night's uplifting game and comes bearing photographic documentation of the evening. Thanks to a friendly coworker, the one we mentioned in this story, Rickey and Ms. Henderson scored excellent seats along the third baseline. And if watching one's coworker belt out the National Anthem wasn't thrilling enough, Rickey also got to witness a solid Mets victory, the return of Joe Torre to NY, and the coolest celebrity couple ever. (Just scroll down, it will all make sense shortly). Behold, snapshots of a magical evening in Queens, in thrilling picto-vision!

*Please note that these images are brought to you with the implied oral consent of Major League Baseball.

Like we said, awesome seats.

And right in front of the television camera. You have good reason to be thankful that SNY broadcasts the game on a 7 second delay. Rickey does love the lime light so...

Rickey's coworker belting out the National Anthem with his barbershop quartet.

Ladies & Gentlemen, behold: the reason(s) we all continue to watch the Mets.

...And one of the reasons we've come to doubt certain decisions on the part of the Mets organization. Four year contract? Bah, why not make it eight?
By Zeus' beard, it's Joe Torre! Apparently someone in the Dodgers dugout woke him from his Bigelow green tea induced coma and told him that his starting pitcher was screwing the pooch.
And yet more Joe Torre!

Caption contest, NOW. Make with the photoshopping you bastards.

Ms. Henderson approves of this image.

Wait, can that be...?
Indeed it is! The coolest Hollywood couple ever: Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon! Don't you just want to be adopted by these two? You know, go home with 'em, maybe have a nice day making a salad or cooking something? Is that just Rickey?

Ever felt awkward about singing at the baseball game? Well you shouldn't and here's why: Rickey watched Tim Robbins sing along to "I'm A Believer" last night. If he can do it, so can you goddamnit.
Yes, that's a teamsters jacket she's wearing... It's official, these two are getting wedding invites.
And this guy can ordain the ceremony.

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leigh said...

awesome pics!

i'd say if this whole government thingy doesn't work out, you've got an excellent future as a paparazzo.

Toasty Joe said...

The cool thing is, if you go on Susan Sarandon's blog, she has pictures of the Hendersons at the game.

Rickey Henderson said...

Don't say things like that Toasty--Rickey's the gullible type that would spend the entire day looking for those pictures.

Toasty Joe said...

Did your co-worker's quartet follow the Anthem up with "Baby on Board"?

Ray said...

Regarding the Google Trends ATM/AF graphic....I am pleased to report that Tampa (my current place of residence) is the #1 ranked city in ATM, but saddened that Tampa drops to #4 in the AF category.

Billigflug said...

Great post, dude. The game was awesome, I´ve met my fiancee there!