Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You know what makes Rickey grin from ear to ear? Hearing that the guy pictured below is going to be playing for the New York Mets in 2008 (and well beyond).

Yep, sports fans, ace pitcher Johan Santana is on the cusp of becoming a Metropolitan. Trading only Gomez, Humber, Guerra, and Mulvey to get Santana is a phenomenal coup for Omar Minaya and easily the biggest Mets acquisition since the signing of one Mike Piazza. For those amongst you who are not baseball inclined and have no idea who Johan Santana is, trust us, he's rather good. Think something along the lines of "if Jesus could play baseball" good and you're on the right track.

Does this make up for September's staggering collapse? No. Will the New York Mets continue to be a threat to the sanity of their fans? Most likely. Does this transaction help explain or clarify the ridiculously lopsided Lastings Milledge trade? Not so much. Is there a risk of Willie Randolph putting Santana in the bullpen? Indeed. But for the moment, let's bask in the joy of knowing that the guy who pulled off the awesomeness depicted here will be spending the next few years making crowds roar in Queens. Viva Los Mets.

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Adrian said...

Yeah, but it's all contingent on the Wilpons offering a contract that pays Santana in actual dollars, rather than in tough boot leather and beatings like the rest of the Mets.

Seriously, though, what a coup. I guess this sort of makes up for Black September. Sort of. Honestly, it's really hard to imagine how the Mets could screw up next season, but I'm not 100% confident that they won't.

Rickey Henderson said...

It would be a catastrophe of epic proportions for the deal to collapse over the money issues. No way does that happen however.

Going into this, everyone knew that the Mets were looking at a roughly $140 million dollar 7 year contract. Omar and the Wilpons are not going to do a double take when Santana's agent (who also represents Reyes and is on good terms with the Mets) asks for that $140 million.

Adrian said...

Look, all I'm saying is that you can't underestimate the Mets ability to make a sure thing fall apart.

I'm really, really happy about this deal. It keeps JS out of Boston, allows the Yankees to hold onto their young arms, and gives the Mets something to look forward to. Also, it was a total steal, the baseball equivalent of offering someone five ham sandwiches for a perfect cut of filet. I really dislike the way the Twins handled the Santana issue and look forward to Detroit pasting them over and over again next year. I like to imagine a 50' Magglio diverting the course of the mighty Mississippi and using the pond that was once the Twin Cities to wash his gorgeous hair.

Also, I'm always half-rooting for the Mets. Not in a condescending way, but with the same set of emotions that will define Peyton Manning's Superbowl-watching experience.

Rickey Henderson said...

Ahhhhh, you're just happy as a clam to keep Humber is that it? Rickey can definitely relate.

And yes, the Mets have a propensity to screw things up, but Rickey puts a lot of faith in Omar Minaya's ability to get things done. He'll convince Wilpon to open up the wallet nice and wide for Santana--we wouldn't be at this point if that wasn't a mutual understanding.

And yep, the Twins were serious pricks to Santana. All they did was put in a token effort to say to their fans "hey at least we tried." Remember when they were demanding Jose Reyes? Yeah, whatever happened to that?

Mike said...

Oh baby, this is soooooo fuckin' sweet.

And on the same day that Giuliani fell from grace. Good news comes in twos.

Smitty said...

baseball equivalent of offering someone five ham sandwiches for a perfect cut of filet

Best baseball trade analogy.

Nice trade, Mets. Can't wait to see what the Tigers can accomplish this year too...

Ed the Gent said...

I like the headline, Herr Ricky.

I share your enthusiasm for this recent trade and, to use the words of Cow-bellman:

DONG DONG DONG (cowbell for "Let's go Mets").

mr. met said...

Santana to the pen? The fact that popped into your mind even as a joke speaks volumes about Willie.

Rickey Henderson said...

Mike: how are Guililani and the Yanks alike? Neither can win in Florida! *rimshot

Smitty: Those Tigers are a force to be reckoned with

Ed: It was too good a headline not to use--Rickey thanks you for it

Mr Met: Anything's possible. For all Rickey knows, we could still be getting Livian Hernandez.

MP said...

Now just imagine what the team would look like if we had just paid crazy-eyes what he wanted to catch and not made the Milledge trade.

The Coop said...

Are you saying Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball? - Harris in Major League.

Well, what if JC was pitching??? Viva Johan!!! The new - senor sabor. BTW, Rickey, The Coop has been remiss about putting Rickey's link on The Coop's blog. The Coop will take care of that sometime tonight.

Rickey Henderson said...

Good stuff. In the spirit of mutual respect and blogger ettiquite, Rickey will do the same coop.