Monday, October 29, 2007

Your Weekly Linkage

Here are a few Monday morning tidbits to hold you over while Rickey recovers from a weekend that contained dangerous levels of exposure to Papaya Dogs and Morrissey.

The snarky folks at Gawker are claiming that this scene from 30 Rock may have singlehandedly won Alec Baldwin an Emmy. Frankly, Rickey is inclined to agree. Welcome back, Glengarry Glen Ross version of Alec Baldwin. We missed you.

As we type this, Dick Cheney is currently quail hunting in Rickey’s neck of the woods. We don’t even have a joke to make about this. How jovial would you be if some guy helped lead the U.S. to war on false pretenses and then suddenly showed up in your back yard and started shooting birds for fun? Not very, we’re guessing. If Rickey didn't have a meddlesome job to worry about, he'd be up there protesting right now.

You know, with the Yanks in A-Rod's rearview mirror, Rickey is beginning to suspect that this Alex Rodruigez fellow might be a good fit for the Mets at second base... We hear good things about his regular season numbers. He's good with the New York media, right?

Speaking of the Mets, have you secured your very own personalized Citi Field Fanwalk brick yet? No? What’s wrong with you? This is your chance to be a part of Mets history with the simple inscription: “This Brick’s IQ > Willie Randolph’s Gut Feelings.”

After reading the following article Rickey is extremely glad he didn’t grow up in the 1970’s. Questionable fashion decisions abound after the jump.

And now, in Rickey’s contractually required “funny animal photo of the day” section, we proudly present a photo of quite possibly the laziest sheep ever (courtesy, REUTERS):

What a freeloading bastard. There's a joke in here somewhere about the fleecing of the Democratic party, but Rickey is too lazy to make it.

Hm, perhaps this funny animal thing has legs. So in the name of journalistic integrity, we proudly present the following articles under Rickey’s “Weekly Monkey Roundup” :

Call him crazy, but Rickey’s absolute favorite television show is “The Wire.” We’re suckers for any show that boasts brilliant acting and isn’t afraid of a little narrative density. And unless you work for the City of Baltimore’s tourism industry, you’ll enjoy this show as well. Margaret Talbot of The New Yorker has a terrific write up on the greatest show you’re not watching right now.

When the author of Rickey’s newly discovered favorite blog posts an article about her visit to the Renaissance Fair, you damn well know it’s going to be funny. To quote a passage: “I love, nay, cherish, me the opportunity to make fun of those that deserve it, and if the act of donning a chain mail poncho and leather epaulettes in the middle of the summer doesn't represent a tacit compliance to act as a target for ridicule, then I can no longer trust my understanding of the world.”

And wraps things up for today. Consider yourself adequately entertained and titillated (and beware of marauding monkeys).

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the laughs. I had a slight Mets-hating relapse just now and your post was quite helpful in suppressing it...

Fletch said...

Awesome blog, Rickey. Followed over from a comment at Mattress Police. Loved your Vegas post (the long one) - nice pics. Though shame on you for not obliging your civic duty and blowing your money on slots, blackjack like the rest of us degenerate scum.

Rickey Henderson said...

Many thanks buddy. For those of you who were wondering, "Mattress Police" is NOT an S&M site, but rather a well written blog. Just to clarify.

Toasty Joe said...

I love that Rickey had to clarify the name of that blog. Apparently Rickey really does care about what we all think of his proclivities.

Rickey Henderson said...

Hey, if your grandmother was providing 75% of your blog's traffic, you'd be concerned as well.

Mr Furious said...

That Baldwin clip is fantastic. If I watched any tv, I'd be watching 30 rock after that...

Put A-Rod at third, and slide Wright and his noodle arm over to first for a Youkilis Conversion.

AmyV said...

You're absolutely right, Rickey - The Wire is quite possibly the finest show ever to be aired on television. Gotta give HBO credit for airing a show for five seasons when about six people outside of Hollywood are watching it.