Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yay, a Baseball Update!

Rickey would like to briefly mention this “playoff baseball” that is sweeping the nation thanks to TBS and the incorrigible antics spewing from the delightful comedic mind of Dane Cook. In a few words: everything about 2007 playoff baseball sucks. How much does it suck? Well, even God is a little grumpy with it evidently.

As proof, we direct your attention to the swarm of locusts that descended upon the Cleveland/Yanks game Friday night and the sudden darkness that halted the Rockies/Phillies game on Saturday. If Rickey remembers his Passover lore correctly, two of the ten plagues occurred this weekend, both at baseball venues. This supports Rickey’s theory that God is

A) Jewish
B) A Mets fan
C) Seriously pissed that the Mets are not playing baseball right now

We’ll discuss this issue in greater depth once the Charles River turns to blood and an army of marauding frogs overruns Diamondback stadium. And while we're on the subject of matters Semitic, were you aware that Larry David was on Steve Sommers' radio show this past weekend? Proceed here to listen to them schmooze it up--it's a jewtacularly good interview.

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Adam said...

But Frank TV is out there... makes me doubt God's powers/existence. How does a man get a job imitating ANOTHER comedian (Robin Williams?) And an unfunny one at that. Frank TV is a sign of the end of days.

Smitty said...

I am so with Rickey on this one. God is so the Old Testament God (as I would call him, or just plain God to those of the Jewish faith), and a Mets fan.

I am scared. One question for Rickey's sage wisdom as we surely now face the End of Days since the Mets are out: the End requires an antichrist. Is it Boston as a whole? A specific player?

Mike said...

The Antichrist would be conceptual: the Rockies joining the Marlins and D-backs as teams that didn't even exist when the Mets last won the World Series . . . yet have taken the crown during the subsequent 21 year stretch.

Personally, I'm hoping for the muraine plague. That way, maybe I could finally figure out what the hell it is.