Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is it Possible For a Team's Magic Number to Go Up?

Rickey’s not going to even discuss the Mets. If you’re really in need of some Mets banter, proceed here. Ryan McConnell sums the current situation up quite nicely.

Instead of ranting about the clusterfuck that is the National League East pennant race, Rickey will distract himself by focusing on other things. Like the hunt for obscure clothing items. Recently, Rickey decided he just didn’t have enough non-white t-shirts and figured for the betterment of his wardrobe, he’d remedy this situation. The art of t-shirt purchasing is a treacherous affair, and one’s choices range from your run of the mill product placements to your more obnoxiously retro/geeky fare. So Rickey had to choose what he wanted carefully: something simple, iconic & classic.

Rickey decided he wanted a Pan-Am t-shirt (a simple one, with the classic logo on the front). We find that it’s better to know exactly what you want before you go shopping—it makes finally discovering what you want oh so much sweeter. Actually locating this t-shirt proved to be a serious task, consuming a several evening hours last week, but Rickey finally got what he wanted. It wasn’t a quick process, but a company in the UK carried exactly what Rickey was searching for. Check it out. Pretty goddamned nifty, huh? Well worth the ridiculous exchange rates and several weeks wait while the item is shipped to the U.S. by boat.

Next up, Rickey has decided he wants a new watch. Something simultaneously formal and casual, and relatively inexpensive. Rickey settled upon a Swatch Icy Shine as the seemingly unattainable object of his desire. It’s funky, shiny, blue, and is a ridiculous 34 millimeters thin. Sadly, if you look at the link (which is primarily in Chinese) the watch, made in 2004, is no longer available. And so the hunt begins. We figure that the search for one of these is what will be occupying Rickey’s time for the next few days. Obsessing about odd things like this also serves as a terrific distraction from Rickey’s nicotine withdrawal symptoms by the way.

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RJ said...

I do like the shirt. The art of shirt buying is pretty intense, actually.

I personally look for a subtle mix of "wow where'd you get that?" and "I think I've seen that on a five year old."

Or something like that...

Adam said...

Looks like you picked the wrong week to stop smoking!

upstate met fan said...

Rickey I think you should get the "don't taze me bro' " t-shir. It would be perfect for you.