Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Your Weekly Links

Yes indeed, that is a picture of Ron Jeremy dressed up as Mario, what of it? Anyway, on to some items of interest that caught Rickey's eye:

Judging by the fact that there’s a “Save Studio 60” website, it looks like the powers that be are about to go ahead and cancel the show. Oddly enough, it turns out that most Americans actually don’t care at all about the career woes and personal crises of eccentric Hollywood writers. Rickey gave this show a chance, but it has spiraled downwards in recent episodes. Also, when you’re writing a drama about a comedy show, at least put in the prerequisite effort to make the skits funny. So what now? Well, we all hold our collective breath for Aaron Sorkin to fall off the wagon and give us all a decent show once again. Until then, it’s back to watching “Sports Night” (which can be found very easily on bittorrent by the way).

Kudos to the Chinese for this idea. Who exactly is eagerly lining up to live in a cage and eat monkey chow? You don’t need the 780 quid that badly do you?

Some genius in South Carolina decided to get into a physical altercation with some shrubbery. Rickey sympathizes with this guy. There’s a shrubbery outside Rickey’s apartment that is really starting to piss off Rickey. Fucking Forsythia bush, always starting shit but can't back it up…

Yes indeed, the wheelchair carrying the 2007 Mets is now rolling along. With Spring Training now underway, proceed here for a nice preview of the upcoming season. In other Mets news, Ms. Henderson recently caught me watching a “Mets Classics” episode featuring the 1986 NLCS on SNY. When asked why only the 1986 season is repeatedly shown on “Mets Classics,” I pouted, muttered something about SNY not having the rights to television footage from 1969, and told her to leave me alone. Being a Mets fan isn’t easy damnit, especially when you bear in mind that in 2007, the Metropolitans will still be paying off Mo Vaughn’s salary.

Ghost Rider is now flaunting a 27% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are such snobs. You mean to tell me that a movie featuring Nicholas Cage as a flaming skeleton riding a motorcycle up the side of a building isn’t any good? Rickey needs to see this travesty for himself and write a review. Look for it shortly.

Got plans for April 13th, 2036? Uh, yeah, think about rescheduling them—especially if you’re an oil driller named Harry Stamper, or his ragtag band of misfit roughnecks. He’s been drilling holes in the earth for thirty years and has never missed a depth he’s aimed for. By God, he will make 800 feet.

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Adam said...

Get Jack Bauer on that asteroid. Sure, the Klingons will absuct him and take him back to Qro'nos after the fact, but not before Jack finds out who that asteroid is working for and uncovers the consiracy that is gravity before its too damned late.

Adam said...

Okay, I went to that "Save Studio 60" site- dude, it's been up and running since OCTOBER 2006! Didn't the show premiere in October? That's just... pathetic on all accounts.

I notice the person running the site desperately wants us to click on advertisers' links. Apparently by getting this person .10 per click, NBC will be impressed enough to spare Studio 60 from cancellation. That's water-tight logic right there.

Mike said...

Ms. Henderson recently caught me watching a “Mets Classics” episode featuring the 1986 NLCS on SNY.

Game 5, right? The Gary carter game-winning single game? Yeah, Mrs. Mike caught me watching that one. I always feel like a loser when I realize she's looking at me, thinking, "Why did I marry a man who watches 21 year-old baseball games in Friday nights?"

But I'm NOT a loser! I am a Met Fan!

Rickey Henderson said...

Mike: yup, it was game 5 against the Astros with that awesome Gary Carter hit. Ms. Henderson enjoys frequently pointing out that 1986 is pretty much the one and only high point in Mets history.

Adam: thats a very impressive fushion of 24 rabidity and Star Trek knowledge buddy. Well done sir. Well done.

Adam said...

Oh, well kudos to you sir for finding the most disturbing picture of Ron Jeremy on the internet- and that's not an wasy feat!

That look on his face, and those big-gloved hands... I'm afraid he wants to grab my cock.

Otto Man said...

I just saw "The Boondock Saints," which features Ron Jeremy as a sleazy mafia lieutenant. He's scarier as Mario.